Social Values

Whenever any Natural Calamities or war occurs, our students eagerly go out in the Public and organize funds for the following causes and contributed richly. 

₹ 4.30 Lakhs

A donation of Rs.4,30,000/- was contributed towards the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for Kargil war on 16th November 1999.

₹ 6.25 Lakhs

A donation of Rs.6,25,000/- was contributed towards the Prime Minister Relief Fund for Gujarat earthquake on 26th January 2001.

₹ 2.25 Lakhs

A donation of Rs. 2,25,000 was contributed towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for Tsunami victims

₹ 2 Lakhs

The outgoing students of class X & XII of 2004-05 batch donated a fiber boat with engine and nets costing 2 lakhs to the fishermen of Idinthakarai at Tirunelveli district for Tsunami disaster 2004.

₹ 3 Lakhs

A donation of Rs. 3,00,000 was contributed towards Leh and Ladak flash floods in 2010.

₹ 20 Lakhs

A donation of Rs.20 lakhs was contributed towards the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for the natural calamities occurred in Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa, in the year 2018.

₹ 15 Lakhs

A donation of Rs.15 lakhs was contributed towards to then Defense Minister of India Smt. Nirmala Sitaram for the Bharat Ke Veer fund in the year 2019.

Students contributed to bulid 50 Toilets (Swachh Bharat)

For the past 5 years, the students of class X & XII have been contributing towards the building of 10 toilets cum bathrooms, each year, in the villages of Kiloy, Kottaiyur, Ramathandalam, Keelapudi, and Melkalathur, as part of the Swacch Barath Abhiyaan Scheme, initiated by our Prime Minister. Till date our school students have contributed to the construction of a total of 50 toilets and bathrooms.

அன்ன சத்திரம் ஆயிரம் வைத்தல்
ஆல யம்பதி னாயிர நாட்டல்
பின்ன ருள்ள தருமங்கள் யாவும்
பெயர்வி ளங்கி யொளிர நிறுத்தல்
அன்ன யாவினும் புண்ணியங் கோடி
ஆங்கோர் ஏழைக்கு எழுத்தறிவித்தல்

– மகாகவி சுப்பிரமணிய பாரதியார்

Translation in English

Feeding thousands of people for free
Constructing temples in tens of thousands
All the charities charitable modes
Just to establish one’s name and fame
Of all these good deeds, million times better
Educating a poor child is smarter!
Charity is not about recognition or numbers. It is that unconditional thought of service that serves as a guide to help uplift fellow humans, community, and nation. Giving back to the society is a personal motto of our founder Principal Dr. Smt. Girija Seshadri. It was her mothers firm belief that wealth can be robbed but not education. So, if good education is given to the youth, they will rise to be successful citizens of the nation. This is the reason philanthropy is part of life for both management and student. In addition to educating several deserving students in the various schools for free, the management offers financial aid to others to the tune of three to ten lakhs each year depending on the incoming donations. Each year, VHVK felicitates two deserving artists with a cash award through the school’s art department Kalakendra and Rasika Fine Arts.
Madam principal is personally involved in various charity events. She inspires her students to follow in her footsteps by giving them opportunities to participate both in local and national fund-raising events.

Some of the regular charitable work that students are involved are visit to orphanages to distributes clothes, sweets, and fireworks for Diwali; collecting groceries and clothes for donating to fisherfolk during the tsunami in Kanyakumari district; same was offered to the Chennai corporation workers near the school and to local auto drivers during corona pandemic.

Below is a brief snapshot of the countless charitable contributions of the Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra students at the state and national level.