About us

The Beginning

Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye – Providing the knowledge that liberates is the motto with which the first Hindu Vidyalaya was started by Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra, in the year 1975 at Ellaiyaman koil street, West Mambalam, Chennai with just 7 students. Through the years, Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra has grown like a big banyan tree under which there are 15 Schools spread all over Tamil Nadu, touching the lives of over 20,000 students. The students are ably guided by its committed and passionate team of teachers under the able leadership of Dr. Smt. Girija Seshadri and Sri. S. Vedantam Ji. Today, we have over 1 Lakh, Alumni, who bear the torch of Hindu Vidyalayas in all corners of the world, spreading the values, Patriotic Spirit and Social Commitment that VHVK stands for.

Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra

A non-profit service society, Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra, registered under the Societies Act of 1978, is the strong foundation of its 15 schools spread across Tamil Nadu. The sole purpose of the schools of Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra is to offer a holistic education with time tested learning processes so that the children blossom into resourceful personalities in the society.

The founders of the institution firmly believe that in addition to Academics, the students should have exposure to Art, Culture, Physical Education and National Identity. This will help the students to take pride on identifying themselves as “Indian” first and not just a regional representative. Being a non-profit service society, Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra offers education affordable to all sections of the society.

The schools boast of dynamic talents who shine across the various streams. Aligned with the latest trends, the schools are equipped with Best-in-class teaching solutions like SMART classes, Science Laboratories, Atal Tinkering Labs and well-equipped libraries open to all our students. We are proud that out of the nine Higher Secondary Schools, eight schools have been provided with Central Government Project of ATAL Labs.

Despite the convenience and facilities available through technology, the schools stand for humility and simplicity.

In this way, the schools aim to foster, modesty, humility while pushing the staff and students to explore their full potential. This philosophy aids the management in providing education to more students at a low cost. The schools are always on par with the currents trends in technology to suit the needs of the learners in this technology-driven society. This has enabled our schools to cater to the needs of the students seamlessly during the pandemic.

Every challenge is an opportunity, and every opportunity opens up a universe of learning. We, at the Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra believe that every child has immense potential and as responsible educators we need to provide them with abundant opportunities for the children to identify their area of interest. Our first batch of (25) students passed out in the year 1983. Today we graduate over 800 students each year.

VHVK schools take pride in instilling the spirit of patriotism in all our students and in understanding the value of our national heritage. We do this in a two-fold way by bringing in eminent personalities on various occasions to interact with our students. And celebrating all festivals with a national flair. We also bring back our Alumni for the Independence Day and Republic Day events to connect with and inspire our current students. The Management provides continuing education opportunities so the teachers can be up-to-date in the current educational strategies.

Our Mentor & Driving force

Our teaching and learning are particularly suited to the creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and exploratory ways that kids learn best: all students are prepared for a world that needs their global awareness, curiosity, compassion, and willingness to use their gifts in service to others. Highly competitive exam results are only one indicator of the success of our students and faculty.

Our Journey & Philosophy

Every challenge is an opportunity and every opportunity opens up a Universe of learning. We, at the Vishva Hindu Kendra believe that every child has immense potential and We, as responsible educators need to provide them with abundant opportunities for the children to experience and decide their area of interest. With a first batch of
25 students passing out in 1983, today we celebrate every student as a symbol of pride. We are proud that our Alumni is one of the biggest strength, with over 1 lakh students who connect with us and cherish their learning at the Hindu Vidyalayas.

We instill in every child the spirit of patriotism, the power of bonding and value of our heritage. Our students Alumni are testimony are the Chief guests, during the Independence Day and Republic Day to share their experiences and accolades with the present students to inspire them as models. Students from abroad come together when ever our General Secretary Dr. Smt. Giriija Seshadri visits US and the meetings are always purposeful with pride.