Note To Parents

School Rules

Timings & Dress Code

Note To Parents

  Here are some suggestions to make your child’s birthday a day to remember.

  • You can donate Rs. 100/- the interest of which will get small gifts and prizes in your Child’s name on various occasions year after year.
  • You can donate books to the school library, which would be a lasting treasure.
  • You can donate either a fan, a playing or a teaching aid or any other useful material in consultation with the school authorities for the development of the school.
  • Your gifts will be gratefully acknowledged through public announcement made during the prayer assembly and your child will be greeted on the occasion by all the other children of the school.
  • Let the birthday of your child be a day of benefaction. A gracious gesture brings grace to your child.


  • A pupil who fails to appear in any particular subject in the examination will not be ranked with the rest of the class for the examination.
  • No separate examination will be held for any pupil out of the time.
  • Students should put in a minimum of 75% attendance. No pupil shall be eligible for promotion unless he/she puts in the above attendance.
  • Fee must be paid before the 10th of the prescribed month without fine.
  • All the efforts are taken by the teachers to help the students to develop a commitment, writing practice and focus towards the Board Exam. Hence X & XII students must attend all unit tests and model exams from the beginning of Academic Year Severe actions will be taken if no valid reason with proper leave letter from the parents is given to the Principal.


  • wear the uniform and be neatly dressed
  • wear polished shoes, white shoes during sports activity.
  • be regular and punctual
  • bring the hand-book daily
  • handle the laboratory equipment with utmost care
  • not bring magazines, newspapers, raffle tickets to school
  • not write or scribble on the walls or school property

Damages caused by negligence of the children shall be borne by the parents.


  • Attendance on National days i.e., Independence Day and Republic Day is compulsory. Absence without prior approval will be viewed seriously.
  • Parents are requested to send leave letter for the absence of their wards.
  • The performance of the students in the continuous comprehensive evaluation will be considered for annual promotion.
  • The Hand Book is the most effective medium of Parent-Teacher communication. Parents are requested to check the Hand Book daily to look in for homework, endorsement made by the teacher and to communicate their wish through the Hand Book.
  • Parents and Guardians are requested not to see the children or meet the class teacher during class hours without the prior permission of the Principal in all matters. All communications should be addressed to the Principal.
  • In case of emergency, parents should get in touch only with the Principal / Office.
  • After each summative examination, progress reports will be sent. Parents should carefully examine, sign and return the Progress Report sent to them within two days of issue. Late submission will lead to penalty. If the progress card is lost a fee of Rs. 10/- will be collected to replace it.
  • After each summative examination, parents can collect the report card directly from the class teacher on the open day and discuss with the teachers for further improvement.
  • Private tuitions are not encouraged. However the school has made provisions for special coaching to the weaker students.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the staff, and ensure the progress of their children by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality, discipline and by taking interest in the child’s work.
  • Please oversee the student’s work at home and help them in their studies at home.
  • Please ensure that they come to school without wearing costly jewels and ornaments.
  • Please advise them not to buy eatables outside. Educate them on hygienic habits. Parents should send spoon and Lunch Towel along with the lunch.

Active support and co-operation are needed in maintaining the discipline of the school, in the larger interest of the children.